Wedded bliss- Ash & Court


As I said earlier the past four months have been delightfully entertaining and measurelessly cherishing. And among those consummate events I got to experience my family’s first wedding ceremony. It was nothing short of splendid/terrific. It was every groom and bride’s dream come true. Ashwin Kumar, my brother and Courtney Bartlett, my sister-in-law are the ones you can see in the above picture with the dads and moms-in-law. A huge deal to every person in the family it was celebrated for four days with ‘Elaborate Enlarged’ pre-wedding ceremonies filled with plates and plates of stuff one could get if he swindled each and every store that fills Northridge mall, sandalwood paste applied I must say in a more than generous way to immobile every muscle in the groom’s face, food that can last a Somalian kid a lifetime and the best of all, relatives who find it as easy as ABC to succeed in these within sufficient time.

Post pre-wedding authentic traditions it was the real thing that had everyone engulfed in its resplendence. Narrowing em down… the place, the altar, the lotuses, the decorations, the sweat, the most number of gorgeous outfits changed, the colours, the splash, the intent looks on the bride’s family side, the holy flames, near, dear, far, long lost loved ones, the toe-rings on the ammi ceremony, the photo-taking sessions, the 32 food items, the stuck smile, the long-route-hand-extending kungumam applying session, the ‘CONGRATS!’ sounds, the paavadai clad little girls, the ‘Moi’ writing, the wedding-air and the most important of all- the entire family present. Every single person and every single thing were up to their best.

wedding 2

Congratulations everywhere! That is one happiness filled picture!

A tamizh wedding is trully worth everything spent on it. And this wedding will be mind-etched in me for time to take.

Welcome home Courtney! 🙂

And happily ever after is how they’re going to begin their story…


My A-Z tag registry

Tagged by Suraksha. Stuff 26 I love best! 😀

A-Available? :Sure,for a nice gourmet meal at Pier 66.Also for rummy with coke,lays and a comforter. 😀

B-Best friend: My soul sister EI.Knows me inside-out,upside-down.

C-Cake or Pie:Cake.Hot walnut brownie cake topped with hot chocolate fudge combined with two scoops vanilla ice-cream with choco-chip cookie sprinkle,preferably with a good dose of whipped cream and ofcourse,solitude.*I sure know how 24-carat bliss works out* Slurpp! 😀

D-Drink of choice: Pepsi.I’m addicted.

E-Essential thing used everyday: Kohl,moisturiser and occasionally my mind.

F-Favorite color: Rich plum/Burgundy.

G-Gummi bears or worms: Gummy worms.Peach flavored gummy yummy worms.

Hometown: MADras.

I-Indulgence: Shoes.Shopping.Sushi.

J-January or February:January.Marked my entry into the world and blogdom.

K-Kids and names:Kids…Oh yes,lots! Names…Oh no,I’m lost!

L-Life is incomplete without: First love, girl talk and three unexecuted dreams.

M-Marriage date:Errrr….

N-Number of siblings:Zilch.Only child.Pretty much louving it!

O-Oranges or apples: Apples.

P-Phobias: Horror movies.

Q-Quote(s): Its not true that I had nothing on.I had the radio on.-Marilyn Monroe

R-Reason to smile: I really don’t have any.I follow the CV motto. 🙂

S-Season: Summer.I love the sun.

T-Tag three people: Su,San,Sne.

U-Unknown fact about me: I experiment with make-up during deranged hours.

V-Vegetable you do not like: Bittergourd.Blergh!

W-Worst habit:Procrastination.

X-rays you have had: Abdomen(Keeping in mind what I consume…Duh!)

Y-Your favourite food:Waikiki shrimp bowl.

Z-Zodiac: Capricorn