A Queen. Now, more than ever.

Phases, a chapter leading on, continuum and sometimes, metamorphism. A visit to the wilderness is never far behind, for life cannot forever be a sunny Sunday picnic under the gulmohar tree. And a compelling point of convergence of the mind and heart see the scenes for what they really are, a suspended reality.

Commandeering life the way it is supposed to be, my heart goes out to this person, charting from a crowned teen, an awkward newcomer, a resilient performer, a woman in love and now, a devoted mother and an un-yeilding fighter oblivious to the heavy duty blunder we call our media . Here’s to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan , a woman of style and steel.

A flourishing waistline is not news, shutter-bug folk, it is life, deal with it. Because healthy is how we term it, meaty is how we roll and happy is how we are. Period. Go figure.