A day comes when you have

A day comes when you have
more yesterdays than tomorrows
More memories than dreams
More tales to tell than lessons to learn
More miles travelled than miles to go
More groans of pain than moans of pleasure
More limp than lilt in the gait
More pain than gain
More wakeful fog than restful sleep

The Soul’s Delivery

It has been a while. Quite a while. Yes, yes, I was asleep on the job for WAY too long. Well, the phase of a quarter of a cent, isn’t exactly a sunny Sunday well spent. With half of my friends beginning their journeys as other peoples’ better halves and the other half of them still looking to keep their balance after draining half after half, I’m just like standing here looking at myself in a mirror, half crouching, half cringing, debating whether my size is half of that of a cow’s or half of that of a hippo’s. Sigh, life’s criminal laughs at all the halves!

Anyway, my fragmentary life aside, I wanted to restart this space with something that I read quite some time back. A poem, written by my uncle, who is a full time cardiothoracic surgeon, a part time poet, a pastime techie buff and an all time goddamn genius! Contrary to how I have described my at present half-and-half-pizza life, this poem is an absolutely stirring and emotionally deep rendition of a soul who had seen all the halves and quarters that life has had to offer, dealt with all the odds and evens, seen adding turmoil and multiplying happiness, expressed deducted feelings and divided emotions and in conclusion, departing the world without regrets and as a whole. A soul that was remembered in death, forgotten in life.




I totally love the picture lead off for every post now.

Happy birthday dad! 🙂 Miss you and mom. I miss the 11:30 pm dinners, club food and Halls dad. I miss the early morning bus chases, your half hour hollers and ‘Do something about your weight.’ speeches mom. Even the most detested everyday stuff is finding one way or the other to be missed. And being home alone is freedom/happiness unleashed? Whoever said that gets my slaughter stare and glare.

Please come back home soon!

Wedded bliss- Ash & Court


As I said earlier the past four months have been delightfully entertaining and measurelessly cherishing. And among those consummate events I got to experience my family’s first wedding ceremony. It was nothing short of splendid/terrific. It was every groom and bride’s dream come true. Ashwin Kumar, my brother and Courtney Bartlett, my sister-in-law are the ones you can see in the above picture with the dads and moms-in-law. A huge deal to every person in the family it was celebrated for four days with ‘Elaborate Enlarged’ pre-wedding ceremonies filled with plates and plates of stuff one could get if he swindled each and every store that fills Northridge mall, sandalwood paste applied I must say in a more than generous way to immobile every muscle in the groom’s face, food that can last a Somalian kid a lifetime and the best of all, relatives who find it as easy as ABC to succeed in these within sufficient time.

Post pre-wedding authentic traditions it was the real thing that had everyone engulfed in its resplendence. Narrowing em down… the place, the altar, the lotuses, the decorations, the sweat, the most number of gorgeous outfits changed, the colours, the splash, the intent looks on the bride’s family side, the holy flames, near, dear, far, long lost loved ones, the toe-rings on the ammi ceremony, the photo-taking sessions, the 32 food items, the stuck smile, the long-route-hand-extending kungumam applying session, the ‘CONGRATS!’ sounds, the paavadai clad little girls, the ‘Moi’ writing, the wedding-air and the most important of all- the entire family present. Every single person and every single thing were up to their best.

wedding 2

Congratulations everywhere! That is one happiness filled picture!

A tamizh wedding is trully worth everything spent on it. And this wedding will be mind-etched in me for time to take.

Welcome home Courtney! 🙂

And happily ever after is how they’re going to begin their story…