Lessons of a lifetime


Because life is what we make of it.


Death by PJs

Nut jobs for friends who make 4 am gibbering, spiffy trash talking and facebook whoring feel generously sane, family members you want to disown and run away from and kids, well, I’d be damned to think that I’m the grown up with them smart imps around. But the *face palm* incidents, when you think back and live it all, is nothing less than gut-busting. Living yesterday, once more.


After an exceptionally random discussion about cows, D and me at 2 am were arguing about the sounds of the cow, excerpts are as follows (found its way immediately into my tweets):

D: Yea, they ‘moo’ babe.

Me: It actually, technically sounds more like ‘mmmaaaaaaoooo’ (I just had to do that and wake up the poor souls sleeping in the next room peacefully counting sheep in their dreams)

D: Ok, I wana say something.

Me: Yea?

D: The cow says, ‘I like to moo it, moo it!’

Me: I some how successfully missed having a heart stroke after listening to this.


Scene: A bunch of my girls and me, chilling at the park. A girl with massive football boobs walks past us. 

V: What the?!

Me: Ok, now that’s giving me a complex.

H: I wonder if she custom makes her bra with the company.

V: Yea, she probably uses Amman TRY tmt bars to make her under-wire ones.

Well, that SO did it for the day!


Rapid fire mokkai sessions with uncle after a particularly filling meal. I remember my sister rubbing my tummy and saying ‘you are not laughing, Buddha.’

Uncle: What is the ‘mint without the hole’?

Ans: A-polo

Uncle: What is the fastest mail?

Ans: Fe-mail

Uncle: What do you call a phone that does not run properly?

Ans: Voda’dha‘phone

Me: Feigns tummy ache and dashes to the loo vowing never to step out from it…in another gazillion years.


Some time ago, a small kid, a cute kid, comes over and asks for the time,

AwwCuteKid: Akka, what’s the time?

Me: I’m not wearing a watch, sorry.

AwwCuteKid: Then it’s time for you to buy a new watch.

Me: Why, oh GOD WHY?!  


Random conversation with the neighbour’s kid. These kids, ITellYou!

SmartyPantKid: You have a colour TV akka?

Me: Yes, why?

SmartyPantKid: What colour is it?

Me: And that’s how I died. Finally. 

A Queen. Now, more than ever.

Phases, a chapter leading on, continuum and sometimes, metamorphism. A visit to the wilderness is never far behind, for life cannot forever be a sunny Sunday picnic under the gulmohar tree. And a compelling point of convergence of the mind and heart see the scenes for what they really are, a suspended reality.

Commandeering life the way it is supposed to be, my heart goes out to this person, charting from a crowned teen, an awkward newcomer, a resilient performer, a woman in love and now, a devoted mother and an un-yeilding fighter oblivious to the heavy duty blunder we call our media . Here’s to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan , a woman of style and steel.

A flourishing waistline is not news, shutter-bug folk, it is life, deal with it. Because healthy is how we term it, meaty is how we roll and happy is how we are. Period. Go figure.

CSK- Stroke of luck or triumphant struck?

‘Oh, the matches are fixed yaar!’, ‘ That player was dropped. I wonder for how much?’, ‘If the finals are in Chennai? then Chennai will surely win. What nonsense!’. OK! Like, SERIOUSLY!

No, I am not whining and yes, my dormant site had to be revived sooner or later but this grouse that has started doing its absurd rounds lately on every platform possible has got me thinking, the other eight teams win, they call it their knack but when CSK does the same, they literally get a whip crack. Agreed, we did have a gnarled, bumpy set of league matches but hey, we did score and we SO did win a few crucial matches like bosses! Now, where did you give your grand entry Miss. Kismet? If only you had a mouth to explain stuff. Luck favoured CSK by letting DC win, MSD has all the luck in the world and luck is the sole term that CSK swears by, yea..yea, apparently you think we are a bunch of bloopers randomly picked and formed into a group in the name of cricket who just happened to be a part of all the five qualifier tables, been in one semi-final by accident, chanced upon 4 finals and it was just a simple case of wheel-of-fortune that we ended up with the trophies…oh wait, twice in a row, right? Some credit please, amigos? If we fixed stuff we wouldn’t be hanging by a thread in the play-offs table’s last spot now, would we? If we dealt, others would have been dealing too. Simple as a dot. And the whole ruck muck of us being unfair contenders in the play-offs. Ok, now, you leave me no choice but to demand some credit here! How come you don’t target your ever so favourite EPLs the same way? Ok, I wouldn’t want to go there. Really. But, if prediction becomes the game, a whole world known as co-incidence would be non-existent. Supporters gonna support, haters gonna hate but loyalists remain. One track minds and their ill-timed pessimistic juice oozes, I have to say, are very unbecoming and why bring the spirit of the game into it?

No fair, letting Lady Luck have all the gravy and leave us with mere morsels. Common, she has a say when she’s full as a python. Why thrust obesity on her? And yes, it is obvious I am on Chennai’s side, being a true-blue Madrasi growing up in a town where a cricket match was witnessed with rapt attention regardless of the teams and hell, the SUN, where the family’s boys would rather watch a repeat telecast of a 1994 match and still clap hands for a sixer they knew was due in the next two minutes and where her dad would emotionally choke with an unfeigned childlike smile being a spectator of an ecstatic national win, my heart and every part that it pumps blood into are fastened to this land and everything about it. Concrete to commitment and unswerving in love. It gives me not only joy to talk proud of my team’s achievements on a Facebook page or a twit turf but something beyond that, a sense of being truly exultant, kind of like that moment you just WANT to be animated on purpose to tick your friend/neighbour off.

Being expressive is one, not caring about the effect it particularly brings on a person or people as a whole is something else. I may think it is sad to see a good portion of people doing exactly that but on the other hand, freedom of expression deserves its due respect. Every team has done its utmost best, in attempting to beat the odds to tread victory and I must say, all the teams put together have done the game proud, superlative. Hence, the credit, equally divided among all would go to every single team, a true winner in spirit and soul. I do not put any team down nor can you find me giving up on mine, I am an Indian after all and what do us brothers and sisters traditionally do most of the time? Well, I’d like to call it Jolly Fisticuffs.It would justifiably be forgotten in time for the next to crop up keeping the balance good to go. Sigh, who would like an everyday dosage of idli anyway?

Chennai, it thumps its way to glory. Luck on our side? Now, who is going to have to complain about that anyway?! No luck? Well, it just keeps thumping, and if necessary, harder but never to stall and never to deter, accepting and respecting the due ramifications. Yes, we are aggressive. Yes, we are high-spirited. Oh yes, we so totally are a bunch of fire balls. Never to cease, never to flicker, we roar our way transcending boundaries, stimulated, leaving its spark. Not because we aspire to but we deserve to.

CSK, well, Chennai, truly a way of life. My de facto way of life, thankyouverymuch.

SUPERSTAR yaaru nu kettaa…

A saga.

Happy birthday 62 to a man who gave Wayfarers the due credit it deserved, revolutionized smoking trends and quite simply changed the course of film history with nothing but just a simple flick of his hair.
Here’s to him celebrating many many more to come, the true Rockstar way. 🙂

Quote Life, Quote Being

It doesn’t really matter what other people say or think about you. Go ahead and do what you know is best.The disappointments of the past are no big deal, and your fears of the future exist only in your imagination. Step forward and do what you know you must do – Ralph Marston

Screaming simplicity and finding their high-pitched way into tough-times-not-gonna-last-for-long mind mode, which I was in desperate need of.

Thank you Akbar Shariff.

Pride To The Bone

Writing this in the country that started it all is a feeling beyond verbalization. I still remember the history textbooks which taught us the incidents, catastrophes and events that eventually lead to this day, our Independence day. The Jallianwalabagh massacre, the Dandi march and the Purna Swaraj, though the dates seem a bit hazy, the story narrated through the pictures in our 7th and 8th grade SST textbooks remain vivid and distinct. A story that made independent India what it is today, a story that brings a smile so fuelled with pride and glory and a story of a time period in history that gloriously describes a nation’s unity in a time of great difficulty. A story, which is the reason  why we call India our motherland. A story for time itself to take.

On August 15 1947, a new day was born for any other but a nation was reborn with a new soul in a land called Bharath. Today, it is with colossal pride and boundless joy that I, Vandhana Mothinath celebrate my country’s 64th Independence day. For all the jawans and soldiers who have laid down their lives to help us live ours, JAI HIND!

My country, my home , my heart. India, forever more.



16 at 60. I mean, HOW?!! Everything fails when it comes to describing the Superstar fever that’s gripped every soul possible. A phenomenon in the truest sense, Rajinikanth, from splitting a bullet into two with another bullet, lighting a matchstick with his mere gaze and making a knife rotate 360 degrees in thin air for five mins flat, we’ve seen it all and yet, instead of detesting them as acts that would make Einstein roll in his grave we’ve chosen to embrace the fact that only Rajinikanth can perform such deeds and still manage to leave people agog with its sheer awesome-ness! Endhiran (swoons!) was no different at all! This movie, I can state, is nothing short of resplendent. This movie arrived and HOW! I remember seeing someone on TV tonsure his head and dedicate his hair in true Thirupathi manner to the idol he venerated , Rajinikanth. And another person fasting for days together to make sure his Thalaivar’s movie is a massive hit. Only him I tell you, only him!

So, here I was sitting at home the day before its release thinking about how I’m going get the first day tickets because I already had tickets for tuesday and it was a conscious decision to leave the first three days for the frenzied fanatics of Rajini land thinking it was gonna be the same as the good ol’ Baasha days when a girl couldn’t possibly make it in one piece if she was anywhere near the FDFS celebrating theaters. And now I get to hear about a parallel world in Chennai, with girls throwing paper bits sitting in the first three rows and the boys wondering if they should do something to save their grace. Sigh* Times I say! 🙂 ( How easily I can detract from where I was! Gah!) So, 12:30 am, thinking about all the people who annoyed me with FDFS tickets, there I was putting trashy plans with Eli (My vertically/horizontally challenged fun movie lover friend) with sincere effort. And finally, we got tickets at PVR first day! Yaey! 😀 It’s onlyyyy thanks to VK and TS (our Chinmaya cronies) who got us in and HOW! 😀 ( I am aware I am using too many ‘HOWS!’ at the moment but it’s all because of the outright brilliance of that day! -> So, wth!) We even got better seats, thanks muchos to VK 🙂 And it began, the movie, I really am lost as to where to begin, I was hoping for the usual massive five-minutes-into-the-movie intro and the Annamalai ‘SUPERSTAR RAJINI’ BGM and was pleasantly surprised to hear a techno jazz type-ish BGM and see him in the very first scene on screen! It’ll take some time getting used to changes like these. The songs (especially ‘Irumbile Oru Idhaiyam’ and ‘Kaadhal Anukal’), the train fight, ‘Who is that Chellaatha?’, the dance showcase, 35 going on 25 Ash, abused Merc, the return of Alex Pandiyan Rajini and of course ‘Who is the black sheep?’ Meehhh! (Slam you villains!) were what that ran through my mind loopless. It was on par with any techy hollywood movie that you’ve come across. So, with Shankar at the helm, Ash sharing screen space, ARR’s tunes, Pookuty’s design sound and all the high funda firangi technicians, at the end it’s Rajini being the exhaustive genius that he is, who makes it colossally epic.

As he popularly quotes in Padayappa, ‘..indha thani aalukaaga uyire kuduka ethana aalunga irukaangannu konjam etttti paaru’, sure enough he’s leading the way with the rest of the world behind him. A manifestation of dynamism and an establishment of legendary charisma, a true SUPERSTAR he will forever be! 🙂



I totally love the picture lead off for every post now.

Happy birthday dad! 🙂 Miss you and mom. I miss the 11:30 pm dinners, club food and Halls dad. I miss the early morning bus chases, your half hour hollers and ‘Do something about your weight.’ speeches mom. Even the most detested everyday stuff is finding one way or the other to be missed. And being home alone is freedom/happiness unleashed? Whoever said that gets my slaughter stare and glare.

Please come back home soon!