Open your eyes. And with that, your heart.

Being a transexual

A genuinely humane note about and by a person whose wings spread far beyond the realms of vastitude. Please click on the link above to read the note that I am definitive would tug at your heartstrings. Apsara Reddy, you are a whole new definition of ‘truly inspiring’.


A Queen. Now, more than ever.

Phases, a chapter leading on, continuum and sometimes, metamorphism. A visit to the wilderness is never far behind, for life cannot forever be a sunny Sunday picnic under the gulmohar tree. And a compelling point of convergence of the mind and heart see the scenes for what they really are, a suspended reality.

Commandeering life the way it is supposed to be, my heart goes out to this person, charting from a crowned teen, an awkward newcomer, a resilient performer, a woman in love and now, a devoted mother and an un-yeilding fighter oblivious to the heavy duty blunder we call our media . Here’s to Aishwarya Rai Bachchan , a woman of style and steel.

A flourishing waistline is not news, shutter-bug folk, it is life, deal with it. Because healthy is how we term it, meaty is how we roll and happy is how we are. Period. Go figure.

Pride To The Bone

Writing this in the country that started it all is a feeling beyond verbalization. I still remember the history textbooks which taught us the incidents, catastrophes and events that eventually lead to this day, our Independence day. The Jallianwalabagh massacre, the Dandi march and the Purna Swaraj, though the dates seem a bit hazy, the story narrated through the pictures in our 7th and 8th grade SST textbooks remain vivid and distinct. A story that made independent India what it is today, a story that brings a smile so fuelled with pride and glory and a story of a time period in history that gloriously describes a nation’s unity in a time of great difficulty. A story, which is the reason  why we call India our motherland. A story for time itself to take.

On August 15 1947, a new day was born for any other but a nation was reborn with a new soul in a land called Bharath. Today, it is with colossal pride and boundless joy that I, Vandhana Mothinath celebrate my country’s 64th Independence day. For all the jawans and soldiers who have laid down their lives to help us live ours, JAI HIND!

My country, my home , my heart. India, forever more.